Imagine helps our first Veteran in Norfolk county!

Word continues to spread about the great work we are doing to support our Veterans.  Today we received a request  to help Carlos with moving out of homelessness after 16 months! He just moved into his own place in Quincy and is so very happy!  Congratulations Carlos!

Imagine supports our 27th Veteran and 8th Junior Hero

We are so happy to share that Imagine has supported our 27th Veteran, Christopher and his 11 year old son with moving into their own home!  With a full move-in kit, complete with a Captain America blanket and a Patriots teddy bear, they are very excited to be in their own home!

Imagine supports our first female Marine!

We are excited to share that Wendy has moved into her own home after living in a shelter for over two years.  One of supporters provided a move-in kit for her and she is now enjoying her own home!

Imagine Ambassador shares his story

Imagine Ambassador, Joey, speaks with local Marlborough cable station about his experience supporting our Happy Holidays for our Heroes event. Joey and his siblings have been supporting Imagine since it started working with Veterans in 2010. Imagine is so grateful to currently have 17 Ambassadors between the ages of 8-17. See the complete video

Imagine Ambassador Joey
Imagine Ambassador Joey

Happy Holidays for our Heroes a huge success!

Our 6th Annual Christmas Eve celebration was the most successful Happy Holidays for our Heroes event thus far! A huge thank you to our 21 Imagine Ambassadors who arrived at 6 am to serve a hot breakfast to over 95 homeless Veterans.  We also had a team of 13 volunteers that helped us package,  distribute and deliver hundreds of new shoes, boots, shirts, jeans, hats, gloves, socks, sweatshirts, blankets and gift baskets to Veterans in need throughout central Massachusetts.  Our ambassadors also enjoyed playing some basketball with our Veterans!HHH 2015 breakfast 12510249_10207754281275674_448381951928625857_n 12507424_10207754279035618_2189014848829240005_n 12507200_10207754277355576_9034952250750268804_n 12400636_10207754278435603_4502264383623362100_n 1610085_10207754273235473_7678780270680287219_n 12510249_10207754268515355_5904438788693803236_n 12509441_10207754285515780_5541920165708421165_n 12507324_10207754288035843_1738623916541700194_n

New beds for an Iraq Veteran who served two tours

We were disappointed to learn of a Veteran and his family sleeping on futons for far too long.  No Veteran, nor his family should ever go without a bed.  Three beds delivered today for he and his wife and their two children.  A Patriots blanket and pink comforter and pillows made the kids’ beds complete!  We are so happy for them to sleep well.

Imagine helps our 23rd Veteran moving into his own home

We are so happy for Ralph to have his own home after many years!  Complete with a move-in kit, a bookshelf and desk from a donor and a gift card to help fill his cabinets, Ralph is enjoying his new home!

Ralph is so happy to finally have his own place again!
Ralph is so happy to finally have his own place again!

His first home in 7 years

What an honor to support Jim with everything for his kitchen, bath and bed at his his beautiful new place.  Special thanks to our Ambassador Anna for helping Jim get settled.  A tailor by trade, Imagine got Jim a sewing machine, he now happily hems and repairs clothes for his neighbors!

His first home in 7 years!
His first home in 7 years!