VSA Attends National Coalition to end Veteran Homelessness

What a great opportunity to attend the 2018 conference!  I took a week vacation from my full-time job and paid out of pocket to attend and learn more about how we can best support our Veterans.

What I learned… our services are so needed!  Reps from across the country would love to work with us, so much of the government funding is so restricted and limited, so many people were hoping we would be national.  Also learned that we should remain privately funded – allowing the flexibility to support so many Veterans without the red tape and bureaucracy.

It was great to run into a HS classmate supporting our Veterans in Maine!

National Coalition for Veteran Homelessness
Josephine Stevens (left) Veteran Counselor & Julie at the conference

VSA Expands to Metro Boston

VSA Expands to Metro Boston

We are so happy to now support Veterans in the Metro Boston Area!  To date we have supported 99 Veterans, 35 children (our Little Heroes) in 36 communities across the commonwealth.  And our requests for support continue to grow.

A Note of Thanks

As a Veteran who has met Julie and seen first hand how hard she and her team work to help Vets, I truly believe this has to be the best group of people out there. My wife and I were in a very bad spot when we met, but with Julie and the teams help we are now doing OK. At one time we had nothing now we have a bed that helps not only me sleep but my wife also, I now have jeans to wear, bedding that was picked with the colors my wife and I like. It’s not just all this, she is a lady who will sit and listen to what you have to say. She will talk to you not about you, I never heard her say we should have done things some other way, or we should have planed for what was coming. There is just so much she and the team did for us that we are so thankful for. When we go to bed at night trust me, the Veteran Support Alliance team and all who help them are in our prayers. We have nothing but respect for all of them. Thanks to all who cared enough to help. Jerry & Debbie