VSA Attends National Coalition to end Veteran Homelessness

What a great opportunity to attend the 2018 conference!  I took a week vacation from my full-time job and paid out of pocket to attend and learn more about how we can best support our Veterans.

What I learned… our services are so needed!  Reps from across the country would love to work with us, so much of the government funding is so restricted and limited, so many people were hoping we would be national.  Also learned that we should remain privately funded – allowing the flexibility to support so many Veterans without the red tape and bureaucracy.

It was great to run into a HS classmate supporting our Veterans in Maine!

National Coalition for Veteran Homelessness
Josephine Stevens (left) Veteran Counselor & Julie at the conference

VSA Expands to Metro Boston

VSA Expands to Metro Boston

We are so happy to now support Veterans in the Metro Boston Area!  To date we have supported 99 Veterans, 35 children (our Little Heroes) in 36 communities across the commonwealth.  And our requests for support continue to grow.

Imagine Project honored recipient of Medusa Brewing – Black Ale Project

Celebrating the Black Ale Project at Medusa Brewing – dedicated to supporting our Veterans ! Huge thanks to Medusa for just announcing yesterday that Imagine will be added as a recipient from proceeds from this event.  Thanks to Sue and Fresh Start Furniture for including us.  We love the community working together to support our Veterans!

17 year 82nd Airborne Veteran gets a new start

This was a heart wrenching story for us, Anthony had been through more than most of us could even fathom, yet, he was one of the most loving, humble, gentlest Veterans we have met.  What an honor to support he and he new wife and daughter with moving into their own apartment after living in their car for far too long.  Beds, blankets,  pillows, sheets, cookware, bakeware, bathware and kitchen items were all sent their way.  What an honor to have met this incredible Veteran.  What an honor to have finally been able to serve him!

Imagine supports a Veteran with curtains

When we received a referral for supporting a Veteran with some curtains, we we so happy to help.  Reggie didn’t need much, but he was struggling to make ends meet and it was either getting curtains to limit the draft in his apartment, or paying for the heat.  We are so fortunate to help Veterans with challenges like this when moving out of homelessness.  Reggie now has curtains in his favorite color!  USAF 1969-1973