No U.S. Veteran should ever sleep on the floor

Or go without basic home necessities. Help us ensure our Veterans have a bed to sleep, and basic household needs.


Homeless veterans need more than housing

Homeless veterans who finally get to move in to housing often end up having less than two weeks to ensure they have what they need on move-in day.

Our partnerships ensure we meet those timelines so that when a U.S. military veteran finally gets a place to live, they do not have to sleep on the floor or go without basic household items.

All items are delivered within 5-7 days of order 95% of the time.

Veteran served by Veteran Support Alliance moves into apartment with move in package

How it works

Call veteran to refer receipt

1. Veteran Request received

Veteran Support Alliance (VSA) receives requests from referring agents (verification of Veteran status and need), works directly with each veteran on needs, and places order for essential items.

Receive requests

2. Work directly with Veteran

VSA works with with veteran to validate and determine their move-in day needs.

VSA confirms with veteran

3. Confirm delivery with Veteran

Your donations make it possible for VSA places orders for items and confirms delivery with the veteran.

From our Veterans

I just wanted to let you know I got my bed, and I LOVE it. It is so cozy and comfortable. Thank you again for ALL your help and all the awesome things I received for my apartment. I am so grateful. Your organization is awesome and has truly helped me!


U.S. Air Force

I picked up my keys last night. I cannot believe it. I am almost going to miss being homeless, stressed, tired, anxious and frustrated. Just a little. Maybe not. Thank you for your generous help. Please thank anyone else that helped make all these items available to me. It all has kept and will keep my stress low and happiness high. Thank you.


U.S. Air Force

Thank you again for everything, your organization is a big reason I am where I am mentally, knowing you and your organization has made me change and believe in life. If you and your organization believe in me – what do I have to worry about?


U.S. Marine Corps

You look at us and you don’t judge us, you accept us for where we are and you believe in us. Not everyone does that and we are grateful to you for that – thank you for believing in us and helping us get back to where we need to be.


U.S. Navy

No one was able to help us, until our VO put us in touch with Veteran Support Alliance. Thank you for the bed and everything we needed for our new home, we can’t express the level of gratitude we have for your incredible support.

Jerry (and his wife)

Purple Heart and Silver Star Recipient, U.S. Navy