We are a dedicated team of volunteers committed to improving the lives of Veterans by providing beds and basic human needs when they are moving out of homelessness.  We also provide clothing, shoes, food, and other items of urgent need.

Often, the funding from the VA and other Veterans agencies is limited to supporting our Veterans with first and last months rent and not much more.  Unfortunately this results in our Veterans (and often their family members) sleeping on the floor and not having the money needed to buy food, towels, blankets and other necessities.

We are contacted by local shelters, Veteran agencies and Veteran Support Officers to provide a bed and basic household needs when they transition out of homelessness.

We are also contacted for providing emergency items of need for our Heroes.  Such requests have included outside winter work gear, steel toe boots, a bike helmet so a Veteran could bike safely to work, a cane and grocery gift cards for Veteran families that had fallen on hard times.

To date we have supported 129 Veterans and 38 children (little Heroes) with 122 beds and move-in kits.

During the holidays, we provide new outfits (shoes, pants and shirts) to homeless Veterans throughout Massachusetts through our Adopt a Veteran program.  Our Heroes often struggle in making Christmas special for their little ones, so we deliver toys and Santa wish list items for them to put under the tree, making the holiday bright for our Little Heroes.

Veteran Support Alliance (formerly The Imagine Project, Inc.) was incorporated in 2013 and received its 501c3 status in 2014.

Veteran Support Alliance – 197 M Boston Post Road #136 – Marlborough, MA  01752